Welcome to Susie's Favorites

Susie’s Favorites is a one of a kind gift shop. We specialize in custom silk arrangements & keepsake remembrance.
Gifts such as wind chimes, floral arrangements and unique clocks.

Personalized Wind Chimes

Our Wind Chimes are designed to resonate beautiful tones in the slightest breeze. Powder coated aluminum on the top, tubes, and sail provide weather resistance to the chimes, as well as a sophisticated, finished look.  We’re pleased to say they are made in the U.S.A. and individually hand-tuned to last for years of musical enjoyment.

Floral Arrangements

Everyone loves flowers. Brighten someone’s day with a perfectly selected floral arrangement or freshen your own home with a bouquet created especially for you. Display your personal style with a custom silk floral arrangement. Stop in to see Susie’s wide floral selection today.

Customized Clocks

Clocks make a an elegant, memorable gift for any occasion. Let us help you select the type of clock that your special friend will treasure for many years. Browse Susie’s collection of clocks to find the perfect timepiece for you!

The Poem, The Message.

"A personal message that started right here in Zanesville, Ohio was taken to heart by so many, we are pleased to be granted copyrights to it and place it on custom plates for any occasion."
Susie Dodson