Some of our Unique Offerings

Wind Chimes

Make the wind sing with hand turned wind chimes! Made in the USA, with raw materials from American aluminum and lumber suppliers. We use our wind chimes for any occasion, gifts, bereavements remembrances, employee rewards, those perfect melodies for family members and so much more. We offer our personal copyrighted poem metal plates too, as well as custom messages.    

"As you listen and the chimes your hear, Think of me and I'll be near. For God will send a wind of peace that will dry every tear."
Susie Dodson

Floral Arrangements

Everyone loves flowers. Brighten someone’s day with a perfectly selected floral arrangement or freshen your own home with a bouquet created especially for you. Display your personal style with a custom silk floral arrangement. Stop in to see Susie’s wide floral selection today.

Customized Clocks

Clocks make a an elegant, memorable gift for any occasion. Let us help you select the type of clock that your special friend with treasure for many years. Browse Susie’s collection of clocks to find the perfect timepiece for you!


Everyone loves candles! Candles make exceptional gifts as well as wonderful treasures for yourself creating ambience and warmth in any room. Susie's Favorites carries a wide variety of candles for all occassions including decorative candles and scented candles from high quality brands - even battery powered candles with timers.


Want to have some fun? Come gaze into our display cases at our marvelous selection of jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, pins, and fashion rings from many favorites brands. Need to pick up a gift? Every girl loves dangle earrings to feel dressed up. Deserve a little treat yourself? How about a trendy new ring or add to your bead collection?

Irma star - Pottery

Based in Kansas City, MO, Irma Starr is a world-renowned potter who creates collectible works of art that is modeled after 17th century pottery. Every piece of work is unique, and can be found at leading museums such as the Nelson Atkins-Museum of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum and Plymouth Plantation. She is accomplished in all of the classic glazing techniques, combing, feathering, Marbling and slip-trailing. We are so very proud at Susie’s Favorites to be the only individual store the sells Irma Starr’s creations.

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